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Auction Service

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Huge savings buying from the auction 

Have you always wanted to buy where dealers buy?


Buy at a dealer auction 

and get your dream car at a discount price 


Are you tired of getting ripped off by big dealers? 

Avoid the huge markups of new and used car dealers 

Buy directly from the auction. Your dream car or the car of your choice 

Have a certified mechanic give his opinion on the car before you buy. Or bring your own Mechanic 

You can get financing if you have good or bad credit no problem 

We can get you any car you want from a 1990 Toyota Corolla to 2019 Rolls Royce 


You have a choice

Continue going to big dealers and getting ripped off or save yourself and buy directly from the auction 


Buy where the dealers buy 


We can buy and ship anywhere in the United States and the world 

A new innovative way of buying cars 


Compare your prices Vs major dealers innovative and cost effective way of buying a car 

We cover the entire USA In search of your car 

Do you need a specific color

We can get it 


Stop the madness with buy pay here   

An average buy here pay here pays about 40% more than the car is worth 

Did you know that you can get  a reliable car under $1999 and stop wasting money with buy here pay here instead put the savings in your pocket 

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